About Us


AOS INTL LLC opened its doors and started business in December 2002. AOS began as a small 2 man business selling office, imaging, & technology supplies for local business & government entities and corporations. The owner had found that the industry in general would increase pricing as much as allowable and then ship to customers the least quality products possible. This was not an acceptable business practice and it was determined that AOS would set an example to build a better business model to benefit both sides to assure a proper combination of top quality products, excellent customer service, great delivery times, all at the best pricing possible.

AOS began in a small building in Southern California. To continue keeping the same business model AOS had to position itself in a more cost effective location due to the rapidly changing economy and the increase in cost of doing business in California.  As a result of this AOS headquarters was then moved to Utah in the summer of 2008.  By 2013 AOS had arrived at the point where we could provide the largest scope of inventory as a small business in the nation.  We have 428 companies we have partnered with to provide a sum total of 944 warehouses and distribution centers nationwide at our disposal to serve our customers with.  As of 2019 we now have over 1,510,000 products available for our customers.  AOS truly does carry ALL products our customers would ever need or use, no other small business in our industry has such a large amount of products to serve our customers with.  We continue to expand and adapt to the growing needs of our primary customers, the US Military, Federal Government agencies, & Mid-Size Corporations.  With our new website we are now expanding to reach out to a broader audience delivering low wholesale pricing, terrific product guarantees, and excellent customer service.  Thank you to all who have made it possible to arrive at the point where we are now.


    Anything your office could ever need or want, we can get everything on a single order that other vendors just won’t do or can’t. Whether you have a requisition with 10 or 100 line items we can provide a one stop shopping solution for your needs instead of having to go to 10 vendors for your list of 80 products.


    Regardless of the types of products you need OEM brand names, TAA Compliant, Generic, Recycled, Remanufactured, ReCertified, or OEM PRIVATE LABEL Compatibles we have them in stock and can deliver them to you in a timely manner.  If we don’t have it, carry it, or can get it, that’s because either the product does not exist or there is a national back order and no one can get it.


    We have developed a custom ordering system to make the process friendlier. We offer a full line of warranties, maintenance service agreements, and long term supply delivery contracts. Our customers range from a one man small business to a partnership with the Federal Governments Office and Technology products GSA FSSI BPA’s, and everything in between.


    We will provide the best quality products available for the lowest wholesale price possible delivered in a timely manner.  We will provide the entire Federal and State Governments as well as the US Armed Forces with personal, attentive service designed to meet their needs.  We will always take care of our customers’ needs, respect our vendors and suppliers, and reward our employees for diligence.


    AOS will continue to grow, adapting and expanding to supply the US government and becoming the largest wholesale provider of all office & technology supplies in the United States. We will help to build the US economy by keeping paid labor and products made in the USA to the extent possible.